Year One

October, 2020

To celebrate the “United Nations Day” all partners organized a social action involving their students and Erasmus Clubs representing their schools.

The Portuguese School gathered some goods to offer the social organisation “Mais Coração” so someone may have a brighter Christmas.


Greek Team (3rd Gymnasium of Mytilene community, students and their parents) chose to donate food supplies to the Hellenic Rescue Team, a voluntary Search and Rescue Organization whose mission is to offer aid to our fellow human beings, whose lives are in danger, under any conditions and in all natural and non-natural environments, within Greece and abroad. The students also created some digital Christmas cards, to share with those who are awayand due to the quarantine, we are not able to meet them in person.

The Polish school chose to support a local hospice – Betania. The whole PSP 5 in Opole school community was engaged in the charity event. Students and their parents donated beautiful poisenttias to the hospice patients. Our pupils painted Christmas themed pictures and prepared cards. We hope we were a part of bringing the Christmas spirit to Betania.


Italian students decided to celebrate UN Day giving thanks and their best wishes to health care workers and volunteers in their area, old people in retirement homes and refugees, also supporting Nicolò Govoni’s Still I Rise . They felt a bit like Santa’s elfs working hard, creating, delivering, also film making. In these social distancing times videomessaging was a good way to be close to people.



October, 2020

In a way to celebrate the Erasmus+ programme all partners produced and shared their own versions of the song “Brother John”. Some of them performed the song using the different lyrics from the five nationalities involved in the project.

Greek Version

Η καμπάνα του χωριού μας
πως χτυπάει, πως χτυπάει
κι όλους μας ξυπνάει, κι όλους μας ξυπνάει
Ντιν! Νταν! Ντον!

Italian Version

Fra’ Martino, campanaro,
dormi tu? dormi tu?
Suona le campane, suona le campane,
din, don, dan, din, don, dan

Portuguese Version

Estás dormindo?
Estás dormindo?
Irmão João,
Irmão João,
Os sinos estão tocando,
Os sinos estão tocando,
Ding dong bell
Ding dong bell

Polish Version

Panie Janie
Panie Janie
Rano wstań
Rano wstań
Wszystkie dzwony biją
Wszystkie dzwony biją
Bim Bam Bom
Bim Bam Bom


Finnish Version

Jaakko kulta,
Jaakko kulta,
Herää jo,
Herää jo.
Kellojasi soita,
Kellojasi soita.
Pium paum poum,
Pium paum poum

Finnish version of Brother John in Italian                     Finnish version of Brother John in Portuguese



February, 2020

An international day recognizing the need to promote social justice, which includes efforts to tackle issues such as poverty, exclusion, gender equality, unemployment, human rights, and social protections. Each school created a digital story upon a specific social concept (racism, discrimination, prejudice, stereotype).

Digital Story from “3rd Gymnasium of Mytilene”

Digital Story from “Agrupamento de Escolas Alexandre Herculano”

Digital Story from “Pohjankartanon School”

Digital Story from “Istituto Comprensivo Garibaldi”

Padlet from “Agrupamento de Escolas Alexandre Herculano”


January, 2020

Each school organized a Stereotype Wall: after having watched something about the Holocaust (pictures, documentaries or a short movie), students were invited to stick a post-it on a board expressing their feelings and opinions upon the issue of Human Rights.


December, 2019

This was also a joint activity to be shared among schools. Each partner created with the students sets of four postcards upon the theme Diversity. These postcards were sent to the other schools in order to set a Diversity exhibition that could somehow alert other students to the issue of Diversity inside all schools.


December, 2019

Each school gave the others a cultural item to display at the Erasmus Tree. This way all schools made a Christmas Tree displaying itens to show Diversity.


November, 2019

The Project Logo contest was set and participated by all schools according to the established rules:

1) Each school set an internal logo competition and chooses two logos. The deadline was the 10th October.

The logos were related to the Project’s theme: social acceptance, minorities, immigrants, … and needed to be original works. The title could or not be included;

2) The two selected logos by each partner were uploaded on the Drive (jpeg or pgn format);
3) The 10 logos were uploaded on Twinspace (Coordinator’s task);
4) The coordinator created the selection quiz and uploaded the link on Twinspace;
5) Each school had 30 votes (only 30) and couldn’t vote on his own logos. As soon as the link was published on
Twinspace the schools had one week to complete the voting;
6) The results were published on Twinspace and the official logo of the project will be used on all official documents.


November, 2019

A public presentation session of the Project was held to present the Project to different stakeholders: school’s community (including students, parents and teachers), members of other educational institutions and local politics. The main goals of the Project were presented as well as the partners and what the outcomes will be.