(Project Coordinator)

Alexandre Herculano Schools Group was established in the academic year 2001/2002. This group is an organizational unit with its own board and management that comprises a total of 10 schools distributed over a large geographical area that comprises about 1300 students. In Alexandre Herculano Group of schools work around 160 teachers and 50 educational staff. In Alexandre Herculano’s school, the main school, there are several educational resources which includes arts, technology and sports with a good level of qualification framework teaching staff. The school is also involved in bilingual teaching with several classes (kids learn some subjects in English) and has several classes that learn music with the collaboration of a Music school.




Pohjankartanon School is a lower secondary school (students from 13 to 16 years). Half of the students study in music classes so they have more music lessons than normal students and also participate in an orchestra. Approximately 470 students and 40 teachers. Half of the students study in music classes. Pohjankartano School functions on local, regional, national, European and international levels. The school provides all the students with possibilities to develop their skills and knowledge to continue their studies in upper secondary schools or vocational colleges.




Publiczna Szkoła Podstawowa z O.I. im.Karola Musioła w Opolu is an elementary school. It consists of two levels: grades 1-3 (lower elementary) and grades 4-6 (upper elementary). The children are aged 6-15. We are one of the biggest schools in the region. There are about 1020 elementary school pupils . All of our teachers are trained and qualified in the field of study they are assigned to teach. All of our teachers are holders of Master’s Degree. The institution employs 5 management persons (the head of school and 4 vice-heads). There are also 3 counselors, 3 psychologists, a career counselor, and certified speech therapists, oligophreno-pedagogy, typhlo-pedagogy, surdopedagogy, therapeutic pedagogy specialists. Our institution is famous for its inclusive practice (special needs students are placed in a regular classroom setting). Apart from foreign languages (English, German and French), our school offers a variety of extracurricular activities (canoeing, model making, djembe, drama club just to name a few). We have our own swimming pool. It is in use by the school throughout the day and remains open in the evening and Saturday for use by our students and local community.



I.C. “G.Garibaldi” Chiavenna is a public school established in the academic year 2000/2001, which includes 5 Nursery schools, 5 Primary schools and 3 Secondary Schools scattered in different villages in the north of Italy, close to the Swiss border. There are 947 students aged 3 to 14, 122 teachers, 32 administrative and technical auxiliary staff (known as ATA staff).




3rd Gymnasium of Mytilene is based in the capital of the island of Lesvos, which is located on the eastern border of Greece and the European Union. The school consists of 244 students and 29 Teachers. There are 11 classes in the 3 grades of general education as well as six special classes for students with special learning needs. Pupils at school learn Foreign Languages (English, French and German), History- Literature, Art, ICT, Biology and Physics.