Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils – Poland

C3 LLTA was organized by the Polish Team and was held in Poland from the 17th to the 21st of january. During the 5 days duration of this activity, participants (teachers and students) had the chance to participate in different activities according to the Project’s objectives:

Day 1_ The participants met the schoolboard and the school. Then presentation sessions took place: students prepared and presented some digital presentations having the objective to present themselves, their schools and the educational system. To start developing the social awareness of students they got the chance to participate in a card making workshop having the purpose to make cards to be offered to the elderly that are supported by an iVGO.

Day 2_Students participated on two workshops dealing with some of the Project’s concepts: minorities and social acceptance. For the first a representative of German minorities in Opole gave a short lecture and students thought on solutions/suggestion on how to deal with minorities’ integration in society; for the second a volunteer presented some challenges to the students leading them towards the use of Design Thinking Method on the way to overcome challenges. In the afternoon students participated in the first cultural moment: Polish music and dances.

Day3_This was the day “Step into History”- a school trip was organized to a concentration camp (Auschwitz/Birkenau) and students were guided through historical episodes while visiting the camps. In the afternoon they also were given the chance to know and understand human persistence and resilience by visiting salt mines and observing the work done there.

Day4_Students joined again in groups and organized the information collected on the previous day. They created some QR codes that will be spread around each partner school so the other students can also get the same information the participants did. They also participated in a workshop which intended to raise their collaboration awareness by making Friendship trees.

Day 5_ The students participated in a cultural day. They got the chance to know some important cultural aspects of the Polish culture by visiting a museum and an art gallery where they were able to do an artistic workshop. Most of the activities were participated by the teams that stayed at home wether it was through online sessions wether by the use of the Twinspace where all works were uploaded and students were asked to share their opinions and comments.

Karolina Sroka

Resume from the week


CSI Auschwitz Birkenau

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

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