Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils – Finland

Our project is closing to it’s end. The last mobility was to Oulu, Finland, from 4th to 6th of may. After all the problems with this great project there were clouds of problems on the sky also in this mobility. Teachers’ strike in Finland tried to prevent this mobility to happen. But eventually we made it still happen.

On the first day of mobility to Finland the guests were welcomed in the Pohjankartano lobby by music class students’ music presentation. After that we moved to the class to have some ice breaking games. Students from all of the five countries prepared a set of questions to make Kahoot and Bamboozle quizzes upon cultural diversity of the different countries involved. After lunch we did a walk in Pohjankartano school. Afterwards a sightseeing walk in the sunny city of Oulu.

On the second day we had an outdoor activities day. Our magnificent group went trekking in Pilpasuo nature preservation area where we also barbequed in a very Finnish way. After the trek we visited Koiteli river rapids where we had some dessert and had a nice walk in the area.

On the final day of the last mobility we were back in school. A presentation of the CSI app by Portuguese students took place at first. Each participating country also presented their videos of what has been done during 3 project years and another videos of students’ testimonies about participating the project. Previously created Kahoot and Bamboozle games also were played. Finally there was a surprise, students got a possibility to sing CSI song, which was created on the previous spring. Last but not least, there was a time to say goodbye to old and new special friends… You and I, we are CSI

Mika Haapalainen

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