Short-term joint staff training events in Portugal

From the 4th to the 8th of November, the Alexandre Herculano Elementary School hosted the first week of mobility under the Erasmus KA2 Cultural and Social Integration (Re) Action Project. There were 17 teachers from different schools in various European countries: 3rd Gymnasium of Mytilene from the island of Lesbos, Greece; Comprehensive Institute Garibaldi of Italy; Pohjankartanon yläaste from Finland and Publiczna Szkola Podstawowa nr 5 from Poland. The project, written and coordinated by the Alexandre Herculano Elementary School, aims to lead students to understand historical episodes that affect the integration and social acceptance of others and to create bases of social understanding that aim to benefit ethnic minorities, refugees and migrants. Thus, for two years, students and teachers will develop collaborative work to create digital documents and instruments that can promote the change of prejudice and social and cultural obstacles.

During the week, the teachers involved in this week of mobility participated in various workshops, were received at the Santarém Chamber, visited the Peniche Fort and the JRS – Jesuit Refugee Service. As part of this visit, a cooperation protocol was established between the institution and the Alexandre Herculano Elementary School under the Safe Program promoted by JRS that will lead the Scalabitano students to gain a different understanding of the reception and integration work developed by JRS, technicians from this institution will streamline workshops with students involved in the CSI project.

The Erasmus + Project Coordination Team (Manuela Farinha and Sérgio Coelho) from the school also organized a public presentation session of the ongoing projects in the 2019-2021 biennium. This event was attended by representatives of the local authority, the Superior School of Education from Santarém, the General Council of the Schools Groupment, the partner schools in one of the ongoing projects, teachers, parents and students. The projects completed during the previous school year were retrospectively reviewed and new dynamics of the future for Erasmus projects were addressed. Thus, the Group will promote, over the next two years, an Erasmus KA1 project, by Manuela Farinha, which aims to improve the Group’s teaching practices by promoting two jobshadowing and one training course that will involve the mobility of 28 teachers, and two projects. Erasmus KA2: CSI and Play, Gateway to Learn, which is intended to address learning through play.

The event covered all the work that has been done at the level of the grouping in the ambience of the Erasmus + projects. It had the sharing of the experiences of the participating students and their guardians, with a musical interlude, with the awarding of prizes to the winning students. Erasmus contest which marked Erasmus Day at school on 10 October and with the presentation of the teams of teachers from the partner schools of the CSI project.


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